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Obama on the Ropes

Watch the latest video at   If we learned anything during Monday’s third and final presidential debate, it’s this: President Obama is on the ropes, and he knows it. His debate style—scrappy and combative—gave him away early and often. Momentum is no longer his friend. The comfortable lead that the president enjoyed heading into […]

Town Hall Debate: All Show and No Go

Will tonight’s “town hall” between President Obama and Governor Romney be produced by the people and for the people? Absolutely not. Both my gut and history tell me that the town hall debate will actually be the antithesis of democracy: a phony, manufactured piece of television that is reality TV at its worst.

Rethinking Affirmative Action: Do Economics Trump Race?

Affirmative action may still serve a need and have a place in our society, but not on the basis of race. Rather, educational disadvantage may now be more tied to economics than it is to race and ethnicity. And so it’s time to rethink our policy.