George Zimmerman Interrogation Tapes

The George Zimmerman interrogation tapes released by police reveal several inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s story, including his insistence that 911 operators were asking him to follow Trayvon Martin when, in fact, they were not.  It also reveals an extremely cozy relationship with police from the moment he enters the station.


  1. This a mighty friendly interrogation. This dude just tells lies on top of lies. He also has two butterfly bandages and nothing in his nose. So much for his massive injuries. This stinks to high hell.

  2. Joy Brown says:

    Some interrogations are supposed to seem friendly in order to put the perp at ease enough so that they are more talkative. And Mr. Zimmerman definitely had injuries, but I personally think that is due to Mr. Martin fighting for his life. I think Mr. Zimmerman approached Mr. Martin, and Mr. Martin fought back with a vengeance. This polygrapher (although that is not what he called himself) seems to think the same thing, as that was the question he asked repeatedly mixed in with the control questions. And after we know he was lying about his financial situation to the court, I think we know where his credibility, or lack thereof, stands.

  3. Thomas Paine says:

    What’s at play here is a good old-fashioned lynching by liberals of someone for daring to defend himself effectively when being beaten with intent to kill. All of the “dirt” dug up on him is of the sort that he didn’t fit into liberals’ notions of what a perfect citizen should be. Zimmerman’s foibles have NOTHING to with whether his basic story, that Trayvon was pounding his head into the pavement, is or is not true. The wounds on the back of his head indicate strongly that this WAS the case. In addition, all the police really have is that he followed Trayvon against the ADVICE of their dispatcher that they didn’t need him to do that. Following someone, alone, is not grounds for trying to kill the follower, and certainly is not sufficient justification for initiating a fight. There is NO proof that Zimmerman initiated the fight, whether by striking a blow or doing something reasonably calculated to provoke a fight. The extreme stress of having been involved in a life or death struggle is certain to cause a lot of inconsistencies in one’s statements shortly thereafter, as to the exact sequence of various parts of the event. All of the suppositions about what REALLY might have happened, are just that, suppositions and are not evidence of anything. The available PHYSICAL evidence supports Zimmerman’s story. The bottom line is that the wounds to the back of his head are FAR MORE than enough evidence to introduce reasonable doubt as to his guilt.