On the Radio: I’m on Los Angeles’ KTLK all week






All this week, I’ll be hosting the 9 am-12 pm PST block on Los Angeles’ KTLK.  You can listen online by going to http://rick.to/onKTLK or to the KTLK site and clicking on “LAUNCH PLAYER.”   Listen, tweet, call.

Our national conversation–Let’s do it again.



  1. therealsuzn says:

    Can’t get onto Twitter. BUT…does this mean after Tomorrow (Friday), you’ll NO LONGER  BE ON KTLK?! (sob!) Ever since Thom Hartmann changed time-slots & isn’t on KTLK anymore, NOBODY’S been any good! YOU, my friend, are EXCELLENT! You’re Blatantly HONEST & soooo right about those “talking heads!” BTW: Just so ya know…(and PLEASE don’t broadcast THIS!) I started out in Radio & TV News. I worked at KTLA News. I was a young woman competing with men in a MAN’S WORLD. I am Classified as a “Disabled Widow” nowadaze, and am also a minority. I KNOW where you’re coming from & like I told you earlier in the week…I luv ya 4 it! KTLK better sign you up 2 a LONG TERM CONTRACT!!! Oh yeah..Zimmerman & those cops were ALL pricks, period. LIARS ALL. Thanx 4 getting up at 4 am to Listen to all those damn tapes! 😉

  2. Oye, que bueno que encontré donde escucharte! Yo le traduzco a mi mama las cosas que dices y me pregunta “por que el dichoso no tiene un espacio en Español?” Nosotros te veíamos todos los días en CNN y desde entonces no nos interesa esa cadena. Tu sinceridad es rara encontrarla en la prensa. Gracias por seguir trabajando y dándonos tus puntos de vista!