Social Media, Sports… And tomorrow’s FIU game

When I was at CNN, I prided myself on getting you—all of you—involved in the news.  I wanted to change my broadcasts from a one-way delivery of information to what I called a, “national conversation.”  I didn’t want to read to you.  I wanted to talk to you.  What you have to say matters and deserves to be heard.

Well, I want to do that again—this time in sports.

Tomorrow night, along with Tony Calatayud, I’ll be broadcasting the Louisville/FIU game on the radio and over the Internet (link to come).  The match-up is ESPN’s featured game Friday night and will be broadcast nationwide.  Wherever you are, you can follow the game.

So let’s change tomorrow night’s game from a broadcast to a conversation.  If you’re watching or listening to the game, I want you to join me.

Send me your tweets during the game, and I’ll share and discuss your thoughts on the air. 

I can’t promise you how this experiment will go, but I can promise you we’ll have fun doing it.



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